• You have to set up a program in the school district so that adult people with reading problems can come in learn how to read.
  • Would use ready available reading programs like Hooked on Phonics, the Phonics Game and other methods to get adults with the worst reading problems to learn how to read.


How many people are illiterate in the USA??? A study done by the National Center for Education Statistics states that around 45 million Americans are illiterate. That is no good and needs to be fixed.

People with the reading problems need to come forward and say that they have a reading problem. They do need to feel that they are not the only ones that have the problem and people are out to help solve this problem. It would be nice to set up an after school or weekend program for them to help them out at every high school. Bring them in, find out how bad a reader they may be and help them out from there. This is a problem that can be fixed and being in denial never helps.

We also need to promote programs already in place to help fight Adult Illiteracy. The more promotion the more people we help.


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