Here is a list of problems I have found with my plan with some explanation of the problem and possible remides of that problem.

1. The state of Alaska: This mainly has to do with one thing location, location, location. Some school districts in Alsaka as so far away from a big city that finding a teacher is a tough thing and keeping one is just as tough, plus this also will make it hard to reach my national set standards. These two weblinks will also help prove this perticular problem of my plan:

2. Rural areas in the rest of the USA: Can we say location, location, location again. Yes we can. These areas also have students that need k-12 schooling but also have like only 200 students that need it as well. This is a problem that is not easy to solve.

3. How far is Highschool A from College B: This is also a biggie. In some cases you may be 1 hour away to the closest college which I say is no good. You can build more classrooms to fix this but with so many different majors he or she can get that may not work out trying to get the school district to comply with level 2 highschool graduate. Doing some some sort of online distance learning of college level courses might be the only way to do level 2 highschool graduate requirements.

4. The school does not have the major I want: This is another problem. In some cases substituting for a different major like Chemisty or Physics for a Meterology major will not only help you down the road when you go for the 4 year degree, it will give you something to at least fall back on if do not graduate with that degree.

5. But my college is only a 2 year school: Well under my plan if you did goto a 2 year college to get a degree and you did get your degree you will automaticly get accepted to a 4 year state college inside the state you graduated from free of charge to get your 4 year degree.