• Teacher will decide what textbook the students will use.
  • It is up to the teacher before they use the book to check the whole book out and check for errors that are in the book.
    • Any errors found in the book must be brought to the attention of the publisher of the book even if they choose to use the book or not.
  • Any textbook that needs at least at least 15 brand new pages or has 15 errors to be error free will have a new version of the book published at the publishers expense to go to all of the teachers that use the book a special book for the teacher and all of the students using the book noting all of the changes that went into the new addition.
    • Start at 15 pages, then work our way down to 5 pages as a standard.
  • No phony baloney authors will have their name as contributors to the book.
    • If an author is found in the book and did not have anything to with the book, the manufacture of the book must pay them money to that author for the mistake that they did.
  • Political correctness in textbooks does not have to happen.
    • Even though I am not a fan of this you could have a political correct version of the book and a non-political correct version of the book made.
  • No textbooks will have removable material that will cause the textbook to be un-sellable.
  • No size limits for a textbook.
  • Textbooks should be updated like very four years for like Social Studies books or when needed for classes like English and Math.
  • Each student in a class will have a textbook for that subject unless a teacher does not use a textbook for that class.
  • I will allow downloadable college textbooks with ads for free.
  • Information all teachers mst have before buying a book are:
    • Price of the textbook.
    • Shelf Life of the textbook.
    • A complete comparison between the new and older additions of the textbook.



  • I really like it. Can become new wave of teaching.
  • Expensive at first, but as you move from edition to new edition of a cd-rom textbook it becomes cheaper.


Well I feel that students think textbooks are like the bible. The bible is like the written word and what in that textbook is correct no matter what. Although we can't 100% stop errors from getting into text books we can put up some measures to get book manufactures to put a whole lot less in them.

Here is one example as to why I think that textbooks are like the bible. Lets say student A is out sick out while teacher B goes over a mistake in the textbook. Student A comes back to the class and then takes a test on the same day he comes back to class on the material learned which does include the mistake that teacher B went over. Student A, not knowing of the mistake put down the 100% correct info from the book. Do you give the student credit for getting the wrong answer??? Do you punish the kid for putting down the wrong answer??? What is your plan of action???

That example alone is why textbooks should be held to the highest of standards. The teacher chooses the book and the student is going to wind up reading the book as a homework assignment anyway so errors in books are useless.

I will always say that the teacher is the number one set facto standard you should always go by until textbooks are at like 100% error free which may never happen.

I do not need my textbook to have political correctness slapped onto them. I do think that doing this is censorship and it does need to be stopped. Sure I will agree that a school population is very diverse in the race department but that should not stop a book to be worded one way. A company producing a book could have a version that is political correct and one that is not. I am not a fan of this, but I can accept this. The teacher is in 100% contol over what textbook they want under my plan and that is the proper thing to do, not the state or school district should have any control over this.

If a manufacture of a textbook creates a book that is 100% un-sellable at the end of the semester or school year they should be ashamed of themselves no matter how much the book costs. A better thing to do is for the manufacture of the textbook to create the material that would cause the book to be un-sellable for the teacher to buy and the teacher can then hand it out to the students.

I do not think that textbooks should be limited in the amount of pages that it does need to teach the material for a class. The state of California tried to pass a law saying that textbooks need to be no bigger than 200 pages. It has been put on the back burner at least for now which is a good thing. I am a person though that does not really like to carry a textbook that is over 750 pages in size though.

I love the idea of creating downloadable college textbooks free with ads.  The one textbook that I looked at with ads was not bad looking at all.  It will need backing of big college textbook makers though, but anything to lower the cost of a college education is fine by me.

Textbooks do need to be changed like every 4 years for certain courses. I don't want students reading outdated material and we all know books like these can't last forever.

Textbook manufactures need to tell the teachers up front how much the book is going to cost, shelf life of the book, and a complete comparison between the new and older additions, etc… It is only fair. The companies like to leave this information out so they can get more money from the people that get to buy the book which stinks.

In any classroom each student must have a textbook for the subject unless the teacher does not use a book for that subject. This is very important because if you do not have enough books for a class, then how are you going to easily give out homework form a book. If a classroom only has enough textbooks for half a class, I see no good way you can assign out homework for that textbook. It is not good to assign homework to half the class one day then assign it to the rest of class the next day because cheating can occur and will occur on this and that is no good. It is also not good for learning if you only have books for half a class as well.

I did not come up with the idea to use laptops and Cd-roms/DVD for textbooks originally, the state of Texas did that, but I really do like it. I know it will be really expensive to start out this idea but the cost of one cd-rom or DVD to produce is like 1 buck and much cheaper than a textbook. Another pro to doing this is it is easy to mark up this kind of textbook because when a student hands the book back to the teacher it will be like the book is 100% untouched. One other nice pro to this is changing from one edition of the book to another will be a whole lot cheaper.

The main cons to this is idea is cost of running a laptop for the student and what happens if the laptop winds up with a problem.




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