In a research report produced by people over at Indiana University this week it said that most high school students spend no more than 3 hours per week preparing for class. I think that stinks even if they also said they get good grades as well. I think even I would have fallen into the 3 hour or less group if I was asked this question though. My high school grades for a few classes we not so hot, but I think only tutors could have helped my grades in those classes.

Good and effective study habits are something that must be taught to fifth graders or to students at an earlier grade level. The one thing to note is that one way to study will not work best for some students and they will need a different study strategy.

The report says that most students, around 80%, want to go onto college. This is good news to hear, but the poor study habits they have while in high school is sure not helping them during the college years. Loads of college students do not even finish college for various reasons and this easily one of the reasons why they do not do it.

Sure not every major job in the real world is going to need a college degree, but it is important that we have high quality high school grads that are ready to go to college when needed.

This report also says that they are not challenged at all in the school system. I think some of that problem has to do with the minimum set standards these school districts have. A February 2005 report posted on the Achieve.org website stated that most students would have worked harder if the high school demanded it. If they are not being challenged in high school that could easily mean poorer performance while going to college. I really think that teachers are going to have raise the bar when it comes to expectations game when it comes to daily home work to go along with a curriculum change that is big centerpiece of my educational plan.

The Achieve.org article also stated around 40% of people polled were not accurately prepared for college. The Indiana University reported that 22% of college students require remediation in math. That was something I wound up having to do yet I had that fourth year of math while in high school.

With the results from the Indiana University study and the Achieve.org piece things do not look good for the educational system as a whole. I do hope that the latest study gets more and more teachers to do pop quizzes; it will be an easy way to keep the students on his or her toes and possibly get them to study more. This is something that can be fixed.

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